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    Shanshan Wang (89446)

    Hi there,
    My name is Shanshan Wang and student ID is 89446.
    I have a few questions to ask the international student advisor. Can you please provide me with the contact information (phone number and email)?

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    Jill Wertman

    Hi Shanshan,
    There are three ways in which you can communicate with an International Student advisor: 1) submit a ticket to the ISO group, 2) attend campus walk-in hours on Tuesday or Thursday from 10am-12 noon, or 3) call the phone center at 888-488-4968 and make an appointment (on campus or Skype appointments are taken).
    As a reminder this is a public post, and personal information should not be posted here.
    Jill - Information Manager

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    I am Anil and I am trying to take a transfer to ITU. Can I get email of someone with whom I can communicate about the same?

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    Jill Wertman

    Hi Dangolanil23,
    Please feel free to give us a call. Our Information Desk Representatives are available to answer your questions, and connect you to an Outreach professional. Call us toll free at: +1 (888) 488-4968

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    Joan Adriana

    Hi, when can we apply for internship next spring?

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    Jill Wertman

    Hi Joan,
    Check out the University Calendar for all important dates!

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