Spring 2016 data not available in EMS

There was an update to the EMS and Spring 2016 data has not yet been migrated into the new system.  Our development team is still working on this, and it will be there eventually.  However, you can look up your Spring 2016 final grades on MyITU, and you can view your unofficial transcript (which includes Spring 2016 final grades) both in the EMS and in MyITU.

The old version of the EMS is currently available at:

We will not be keeping that URL live forever, but if you want to look at your Spring 2016 Student Dashboard right now it is there.

Please note that ITU’s policy is that old student coursework is only available for 30 days after the end of the trimester.  After that access is turned off and you will only be able to see the Student Dashboard with final letter grades for that trimester.

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