How do I get a 1098-T?

International students must complete and submit a W-9S to the Accounting Office to receive a 1098-T. Instructions from Accounting

Domestic students do not need to submit W-9S.  A 1098-T will automatically be mailed to you. 

Submit ticket for status update to the Accounting Office direct.

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    Could you please give me some update on this ticket.
    If 1098T is not available, please provide me invoices of college fees and college federal ID to claim my taxes.
    Please do the needful.

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    Jill Wertman

    This a posting board. To submit a ticket or request an update, please respond directly to the ticket number.  Also make sure you sign-on to the Support Center with your private password. 

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    Zhang Jin

    Question: In Dec, 2015, I paid the tuition for Spring 2016. Is that tuition fee included in 2015 1098-T or 2016 1098-T?

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    Jill Wertman

    The 1098-T form will reflect tuition that was charged and paid on the calendar year. In your case, if you paid your tuition fee in 2015 it will appear on your 2015 1098-T. Don't forget to sign-on to the ticket system for your personal questions.

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