EMS Release Notes v.3.0.4

  1. Speed Grader: Fixed a bug that was preventing the speed grader from properly submitting grades
  2. Speed Grader: Miscellaneous layout improvements and fixes. Within the speed grader, faculty will now be able to see the assessment scores of students that have already been graded.
  3. Faculty: Fixed an issue where students were marked as being enrolled as more than once. Note that no data was lost or mangled due to this bug, it was mainly a glitch in how we kept track what students were enrolled in a given class. This issue has been resolved and should come as happy news for many of you. Thanks for your patience with this problem!
  4. Misc: Fixed a bug in rich text editors within the EMS that prevented people from inserting tables into a text area if the table was anywhere except at the top of the text area.
  5. Security: Updated the version of rails we were using to catch a critical security update. We weren't vulnerable to this particular bug, but we updated just to be safe. Interested parties can read up on the CVE here:
  6. Student Dashboard: Students can now see the start and end date of all classes in their course list
  7. Ex/EMS Sync: Resolved a problem where students who had been enrolled without being marked as accepted did not have accounts within the EMS. Much thanks to all the wonderful people in registration and student records that helped us get to the bottom of this issue.
  8. Security: Found and fixed a few places where the EMS was vulnerable to malicious HTML. Furthermore, we have standardized all our handling of user submitted rich-text/HTML, so this should be a non-issue going forward.
  9. Courseterm Setup: Fixed a bug that allowed faculty to gain access to their classes without setting up the class itself. A big thank you to all the faculty who worked with us to point out this and other, similar issues.
  10. EMS Chat: Fixed a bug that was displaying broken images for users without profile images.
  11. Faculty: Allow faculty to select their program from their profiles.
  12. Student Quizzes: Fixed a bug that was causing quizzes to display a blank time limit under certain circumstances.
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