EMS Release Notes v.3.0.5

  1. Faculty Dashboard:
    • Fixed a pretty nasty performance issue that was causing long load times for faculty that had lots of items in their activity feeds. Those of you who were experiencing long delays after logging in will notice a dramatic improvement to page load times.
    • Added a search function to the student roster. This should allow faculty with large classes (I'm looking at you, GRN instructors!) to easily find individual students.
  2. Student Dashboard:
    • Fixed a performance issues that caused long page load times for students who hard a large number of items in their activity feed.
  3. Quizzes:
    • Allow students to resume quizzes if that quiz's time limit has not been exceeded. Prior to this release, if students left the page or had some kind of technical issue (power outage, network failure), they would be unable to resume and finish a quiz they had started.
    • Improved messaging shown to students when they view a quiz that has been submitted or attempt to resume a quiz after exceeding that quiz's time limit.
    • Change the quiz flow so that students could not see any quiz questions before clicking the 'begin quiz' button. This one deserves a little explanation: Our wonderful QA team found that quizzes with randomly ordered questions could be 'previewed' by accessing the first page of the quiz without actually starting the quiz. We've changed how we display questions to ensure that students are no longer able to see *any* questions without being recorded as having started the quiz so we can guarantee that all students have the same amount of time to answer all questions on any given quiz.
  4. Speed Grader:
    • More performance improvements! Loading the speed grader should be significantly faster than it was in the past.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented faculty from assigning grades to students matching certain criteria.
    • Improved error messaging
  5. Miscellaneous fixes:
    • We've made the EMS more robust to failures of external systems. Most notably, failure of our search (searching students in student rosters, user search for support staff) no longer results in nasty looking error pages.
    • The more observant among you may have noticed we have a version tag for EMS in the footer of all pages in the EMS. Release 3.0.4 introduced a bit of a bug that caused the version text to be incorrect. This should no longer be the case after this release.
    • Those of you receiving emails about the status of Ex -> EMS sync processes will notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of notifications you receive. Release 3.0.4 caused these reports to be generated and sent more often that was intended and release 3.0.5 should reduce the amount of noise from this chatty process.
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