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International Student Office (ISO) - Help students better understand non-immigrant regulations and university policies; maintaining visa status, travel abroad, help with RFE and internships.

Outreach - Provides prospective students program information, application requirements, tracks student application process and trimester entry dates.

Admissions - Reviews completed and assists accepted students throughout the admissions and registration process.

Academic Services - Provides academic counseling to students, as to classes to take to complete their degree.  Discuss leave of absence, withdrawal, add and drop consequences with an Academic Advisors.

Accounting - Provides access to online term bills, process refunds, administers payment plans, and assists with issues that arise with student’s accounts.

Open Campus - A program which offers a great opportunity for prospective students to discover and attend regular university courses where classroom seats are available. 

Registrar's Office - Takes care of questions pertaining to: transcripts, transfer credits petition, grade reports, maximum course load, petition to graduate, diplomas, change of address, and status on adds, drops and withdrawals.

Technology Support - Send questions pertaining to MyITU and EMS, technical issues.

Student Services - Health insurance and student government questions.

Student ID Card & VTA Coordinator - Report lost cards and passes, and malfunctioning cards. 

General - General information tickets will be reviewed by the Information Center, and quickly forwarded to the appropriate office/group to answer your questions.  Appointment scheduling is made only through the Call Center, and can not be made through the ticket system.


WHEN asking your question include:

  • Student ID number
  • First name and last name
  • Subject - a suggestion list of articles to read will populate for self-help based on your subject title. If your answer is not found, continue and complete description. 
  • Attach documents, if necessary

ALWAYS submit tickets through Sign-In for privacy, student identification and ticket consolidation.  Do not enter support requests in the forum comments.

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  • Avatar
    Kavita Mane

    I am trying to submit the SUPPORT FORM (
    I am on H4 looking for a transfer of visa to F1 . I have selected OPTION I20 - CHANGE OF STATUS .


  • Avatar
    Sagwaria Drishti

    @ Kavita...I am also facing the same problem. I have few questions regarding the Trimester break. But I am not able to submit ticket because request shows an error in SEVIS ID. but there is no such blank where I can put my sevis ID

  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    We are working to fix the problems with the online request forms. In the meantime, please submit your requests via email to

    It would be very helpful if you could submit two requests:

    1) Your original request for I-20 change of status, Trimester break, etc., so that we can route that ticket to the correct department, and

    2) A technical support request regarding the problem you are having with submitting requests via the online form. Please include screenshots of the data you have entered and the errors you are receiving. This request will be routed to the people responsible for maintaining the online forms.

    Thanks, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

    Tech Support

  • Avatar


    I am trying to submit my application for masters in computers for spring 2015. the payment page doesnt work at all.
    when i called 888-488-4968 no one lifts the call
    moreover voice mailbox is full.

    the doesnt work at all.

    please help me i want to submit my application

  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    Hello Manjari,

    Some of our websites do not behave well in Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use either Chrome or Firefox for our websites.

    If you are using one of those browsers and you are still having this problem, please try reloading the page. Sometimes the payment process is slow but will work OK if you try reloading the page. Please try again.

    You have also opened a support request ticket with this question. That was the correct thing to do, and we have replied to your request. If you are still having problems, please follow up with us in the support request ticket.

    Best regards,
    Tech Support

  • Avatar
    Ali Ahmed Mohammed


    I am tring to submit a request but enable do it, any suggestion how to do it. Its really important.

  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    Hello Ali,

    Submit your request using one of the following methods:

    • Click the "SUBMIT A REQUEST" link at the top of the page (see the attached screenshot Submit_a_Request.png). You must be logged out to access this link.
    • Send an email to
    • Click the "Support" link in the EMS.

    Best regards,
    Tech Support

  • Avatar
    Hussain Shaik

    Hi I need One math course to register for this Fall Semester,if i not complete by this Semester i need to wait for one more semester to complete it can any one help me

  • Avatar

    Hello ITU Support,

    I applied for masters in computers program for spring 2015. I have sent email of all the documents on Aug 16th 2014. I would like to know my admission status. I tried calling this number last week too (888-488-4968) but i was never connected to representative. at last it syas voice mail is full please contact later.
    please help me how to contact and how to know about my admission status.


  • Avatar
    Sarisa Db

    Hi Support team,

    I am not able to get into EMS site.

    Will you please let me know how to create the account since I cannot find
    the option.

    Moreover, how to contact the instructor since there is no email or phone
    contact provided.

    I am not sure what I have to prepare for the class. I don't even have a

    I need to know book and class details.

    Please let me know.

    Thank you,

  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    Please submit a request whenever you are having trouble accessing one of our systems. We will follow up with you through the help desk ticket that you create.

  • Avatar
    Abha Bansal (87181)

    Hi ,
    Is the site working fine. I had submitted two requests but didn't get any link in my email to confirm the request. Earlier as soon as I submit the request, an email with confirming link will be in my inbox. If there is any trouble please help me rectifying it as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    Hello Abha,

    The issue with sending confirmation emails has been fixed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Please note that you can also log in to Zendesk to see the tickets you have submitted.

    Best regards,
    Tech Support

  • Avatar
    Vasu balaga


    Fifteen days back submitted request for travel I-20. Request number: 16161 but as of now no one addressed my request. Can you please tell me whom should I contact. I appreciate your response.


  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    Hello Vasu,

    Please follow up in the ticket itself. It is assigned to the International Students Office and they will see any follow-up comments you submit.

    Best regards,
    Tech Support

  • Avatar
    Rashmi Nair


    I had raised a Support ticket for Reduced Course load (RCL) around three weeks ago. The original request for RCL was converted as a support ticket for Petition to graduate and the support desk created a separate RCL ticket for me( #18321).

    However it has been almost two weeks since this and there is no update on the ticket.On calling ITU I was told that the International student office would be handling this. The registrations for courses started today and since My RCL request still doesn't have any updates I registered for 9 credits.

    I am writing this down over here because there are other people like me who are in the same situation. It would be great if someone told us what we are supposed to do?
    Should we register for 9 credits so that we are not out of status or should we register for only as many credits as are needed for our graduation?

    Thank you

  • Avatar
    Yashwanth Reddy Gaginepally (85625)

    Hello itu
    The itu calendar is not yet updated with summer 2015. It is only showing the old events. Please have look at it in high priority.

    One morething i need opt workshops conducted from now on weekends and weekdays

  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    Hello Yashwanth,
    We see that you have submitted a ticket for these requests, and that is the correct thing to do. There is no need to repeat them here, but we do need the ticket so that we can track the requests and follow up on them efficiently.
    Thanks and best regards,
    Tech Support

  • Avatar
    Zhuo Chen


    Thank you for the reply. It is helpful to me.
    I have a new question now.
    Recent, I just signed contract of US Army and they asked me to join Military Basic Training in September 12th 2016, so I cannot join this Fall Semester probably.
    If I go to Military Basic Training, what should I do or talk with ITU before that?
    Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply.


  • Avatar
    Tech Support

    Hello Zhuo,

    Please submit a ticket for the International Students Office. They should be able to answer your question about the Army.

    Best regards,
    Tech Support

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