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Q:  I can't view the videos to fulfill my "ITU Presents" graduation requirement. What should I do?

Answer: The Academic Leadership Committee has voted that, effective January 2017, "ITU Presents" will no longer be considered a graduation requirement for any student.  Students who began their academic programs prior to 2017, and who had received permission to fulfill their requirement by watching online ITUP videos, will no longer be held to that requirement. HOWEVER, if you are currently enrolled in the INT 593 internship course, there is a requirement to attend an industry/networking event in person. This is a required assignment for the course. Please refer to your course assignment in EMS for details.


Q: Where can I find information about upcoming ITU Presents events?

 Answer: Current ITU Presents offerings are emailed to your email accounts as they are scheduled. They are also posted on ITU’s Facebook page, the online University Calendar, and on-campus bulletin boards.  All "ITU Presents" events, will satisfy the course requirement. In addition, you have the option to substitute an ITU Presents event with any off-campus industry/networking event that interests you, provided that you obtain pre-approval from your course instructor. Refer to your course assignment in EMS for details and helpful links for locating off-campus events.

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